Celebrating World Book Day 2nd March

This year is the 20th Anniversary of World Book Day with the theme of ‘Do Something Booky’, and Challney High School for Girls did just that! 300 Students and staff members chose to celebrate by coming to school dressed as book characters, to celebrate their love of reading and in the process raised £289 for Book Aid International.

Students chose costumes influenced by books they are studying in their English lessons, whilst other students were influenced by the non-fiction reading they had been doing in their history lessons. It was clear though that many of the students chose book characters that they love from their own reading for pleasure. We saw a school full of witches, Tracy Beakers, Little Red Riding Hoods and several vampires. It is clear that we read a wide variety of books at Challney High School for Girls.

During registration form groups chose their best dressed student to go forward for the best in year judging at lunchtime. Each head of year and KSLO judge their year group with the winner receiving a Library Goody Bag containing a book, some stationary and a £10 Amazon Voucher.

Congratulations to our winners:
Aayat Sheikh 7I
Maria Zaman 8Y
Zahra Malik 9O
Hadeyah Khazmi 11O

The students also received their £1 WBD voucher and could exchange them in the Youth Zone at lunchtime for one of the special edition WBD books.

They also took part in the ‘Guess how many books there are on the trolley’ competition to win a library goody bag.

Most importantly it was a day to talk about and share our love of reading and all things ‘Booky’!

Happy World Book Day!

Nic Harlock
School Librarian