Child Development

Key Stage 4

What qualification will the course lead to? GCSE 

Which Examination Board? AQA

Course content

Students will look at physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of a child of zero to five years old and understand the needs and requirements of a pregnant woman.

How will students be assessed?


Unit 1: Written Paper - Child Development in Year 11 worth 40% - 100 marks                       

Controlled Assessments

Unit 2: Child Development Research Tasks in Year 11 worth 20% – 30 marks (7 hours). This unit is the smaller, less complex of the two controlled assessment units.  Therefore, this unit could be taken at any stage during the course of the study, offering you the opportunity to submit it at the end of the first year, should students choose to do so.

Unit 3: Child Study in Year 10 worth 40% - 60 marks (20 hours)

This unit is a more complex, larger unit which focuses on your observation skills and an evaluation of your observations.  It also provides students with an opportunity to articulate your personal opinions.

All three units must be completed for a grade to be awarded.