Computer and Online Basics

Qualification: Entry Level Qualification (Level 1 – Level 3) – this is not a GCSE qualification

Examination Board: BCS (The British Computer Society)

What will I study?

You will be able to identify and use key components of a computer and understand key components of an operating system. You be able to identify and use a software application.  In addition, you will learn to be able to use an online IT system to meet needs and search for and use internet-based information.  As well as been able to use e-mail to communicate and exchange information.

How will I be assessed?

For the Computer and Online Basics qualification, you are provided with a workbook, which contains information and tasks. You record your work in the workbook and answer questions on information to prove your understanding.

For the Digital Skills – Getting Started qualification, course materials are provided through an online training system, which provides you with all of the knowledge required to complete the assessment. These can be accessed in class time or in your own time from another location like study club or home.

There is then a stand-alone assessment for each unit.

What do I need to do to make sure I get grades 9 – 5 in this subject?

This is a BCS Entry Level Award in Computer and Online Basics – not a GCSE qualification.

What can I go on to do in College with this qualification?

You will learn skills that will help you to achieve a qualification in college or sixth form.

What possible careers could it lead to?

The qualification can lead to careers in most office-based jobs where basic ICT skills are needed.