Expressive Arts

Key Stage 4

What qualification will the course lead to? GCSE

Which Examination Board? AQA

Course content

The course offers students the opportunity to study a range of different art forms. Students can choose to specialise in ANY of these, allowing the course to be personalised to the students own interests and career aspirations. The art forms consist of Original Writing (e.g. lyrics, magazine/newspaper articles, poetry, scripts, story writing, diary extracts), Visual Arts (e.g. textiles, costume making, sculpture, electronics, construction, and painting), Dance, Movie Making, Music and Drama.  Students will complete detailed analysis of art forms. They will undertake research projects focusing on the historical and cultural influences leading to pieces of work. Students will be taught advanced skills in the various art forms e.g. electronics. Students will complete three projects over the duration of the course, choosing two out of the six possible art forms to study for each one. Students are assessed in the following areas:

•    Preliminary study

•    Research portfolios

•    Development of idea

•    Refinement of idea

•    Evaluations

How will students be assessed?

Unit 1 – 15 hour examination piece set by the exam board. This is worth 40% of the GCSE and is externally marked.

Unit 2 – Controlled assessment made up of 2 tasks each worth 30%. This is marked by the teacher and moderated by the exam board.

Both units comprise of extended pieces of writing, research projects, development portfolios and final pieces of work.