Food and Cookery

Qualification: VCERT Food & Cookery – Vocational Certificate (Equivalent to GCSE grades 9 – 1)

Examination Board: NCFE

What will I study?

Students will develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of food and cookery, develop a significant knowledge core, which spans the vocational sector, and gain academic and study skills in the context of cooking for health.  They will learn to prepare themselves and the environment for cooking, food functions in the body and in recipes, to modify recipes to make them healthy and appropriate for balanced diets, to assess a diet and make recommendations as well as to plan and produce dishes for a purpose.

How will I be assessed?

Assessment requirements:
- Internally assessed and externally moderated portfolio of evidence
- Externally set and marked assignment

Unit 01: Preparing to cook - Mandatory - Internally assessed portfolio of evidence
Unit 02: Understanding food - Mandatory - Internally assessed portfolio of evidence
Unit 03: Exploring balanced diets - Mandatory - Externally assessed assignment
Unit 04: Plan and produce dishes in response to a brief - Mandatory - Internally assessed portfolio of evidence

What do I need to do to make sure I get grades 9 - 5 in this subject?

You will need to meet all the deadlines, work hard, respond to feedback in a timely manner, and be motivated and capable of independent work. This course requires a high commitment to practical lessons. You will be expected to cook at least once per week in order for you to develop the skills necessary to achieve the higher flightpath. All VCERT grades are equivalent to GCSE grades. In the event of a low grade, students are able to sit the examination twice.

What can I go on to in college with this qualification?

V Certs form part of a comprehensive portfolio of qualifications that aid progression from Year 9 to Apprenticeship programmes or higher education including A Level Food Technology.

What possible careers could it lead to?

You could become a Chef, Baker, Hotel Manager, Restaurant Proprietor, Waiter, Barista or a Food Writer.