Health and Social Care

Key Stage 4

What qualification will the course lead to? GCSE

Which Examination Board? OCR

Course content

This course enables students to develop a valuable insight into the health and social care sector and related issues.  It is, therefore, an ideal qualification for students who want a broad background in health and social care.

The course comprises two units, one of which gives students the details of the different types of services available and the job roles these have. The second unit provides information about characteristics of growth and development and the major life changes that people may experience.  All of this is achieved through a variety of approaches including work experience, links with local employers, case studies and research.

How will students be assessed?

Unit 1: Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision (in Year 10 and Year 11)

Controlled assessment worth 60% - 60 Marks.

18 hours of research and up to 26 hours write-up. This unit is assessed by school and externally moderated by the Examining board.

Unit 2:  Understanding Personal Development and Relationships (in Year 11)

1 hour written examination worth 40% - 60 Marks

The Understanding Personal Development and Relationships exam is assessed on four areas: a) identification; b) description; c) explanation; d) analysis and evaluation.