Key Stage 4

What qualification will the course lead to? GCSE

Which Examination Board? WJEC Welsh Board Single Award

Course content

Students will learn a range of skills to help them to prepare for events like Christmas lunches, coffee mornings, tea parties, charity cake sales etc.  Students will also learn to make dishes for all occasions and serve them in a professional manner.

How will students be assessed?

Unit 1 - Hospitality and the Customer – 1¼ hour written examination in Year 11 worth 40%

This unit develops a knowledge and understanding of the basic structure and functioning of the Hospitality Industry and its major clients.

Unit 2 – Skills within the Hospitality Industry worth 60% - Controlled Assessment in Year 10 and Year 11

Unit 2 is assessed through event-based functions. You will need to complete a portfolio of evidence, including lots of photos, of one event in which you have participated. This event can be completed as a group, as a class or as an individual.