Tuesday, July 29
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Further Information
In July we have an "Intake Day" which means the day on which you first visit Challney High School for Girls. You will get a chance to meet some of the people and look around the building.

New Pupils
You will soon be leaving your own school and moving to Challney High School for Girls which is a large comprehensive school. This will mean a lot of changes and new experiences for you, so this book has been planned to help you through the move.You will be given your own copy on your induction day but you can look at this to answer any questions you may have in the mean time.

Home School Agreement
We have had a home-school agreement for a number of years now because we firmly believe that pupils will make most progress when parents, teachers and pupils work together. This agreement outlines what we will strive to do and we look forward to working with you for the benefit of the girls in our care. As your daughter begins her time at Challney we hope you will enter into this partnership with us. A copy of this is available for download here.

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