The three guiding principles of Challney High School for Girls are: 

Respect Opportunity Achievement 

 It is our aim to strive for excellence by: 

Developing self-respect and respecting other people, their culture, beliefs, feelings and possessions; 
Providing staff and students with opportunities to broaden their experience, develop their potential, gain self-esteem and achieve success; 
Valuing and promoting achievement in academic study, sport, performance, creative art and community work. 

We do this by providing a caring, friendly, supportive environment designed to promote learning and the love of learning. We will work in partnership with parents/carers, other educational establishments and the wider community to encourage learning as a life-long activity.

To uphold our statement of intents, the school considers uniform to be important for all its students in order to foster pride in the school and its work and to encourage a sense of belonging to the school community. The uniform also provides a sensible and practical form of dress for school and helps to establish a positive image of the school in the wider community. 

The School Uniform: 

Every student must wear: 

A plain white school shirt suitable to wear with a tie  
A Challney High School for Girls clip-on tie (available to purchase in school)  
Plain black, straight legged trousers
Plain black, sensible school shoes
Plain white or black socks/tights 

Students may also choose from the following: 

Black blazer with the school badge - all year 7 and 8 students must wear the school blazer. New students and all new year 7's must wear the school blazer.
Green jumper or cardigan with the school logo
A plain black skirt, knee length or longer  
Plain black straight-legged school trousers (not gathered), without buckles or belts
Plain black v-neck tunic, no longer than 3 inches below the knee

All clothing must be labelled with the student’s full name so that it can be easily identified in case of loss. 

Headscarves and Head Coverings: 

Any student choosing to wear a headscarf must wear the school approved black two-piece headscarf without pins. Wrap around scarves are not acceptable. This headscarf was selected by the School Council following consultation with students, staff and Governors and is available to purchase from the school or, alternatively, from: Amsons, 209 Dunstable Road, Luton. LU1 1DD. Tel: 01582 734627

In the interests of Health & Safety, girls choosing to wear their headscarves over their chest must wear an overall provided by the school during practical lessons, notably in: Science, Resistant Materials and Food Studies, and also in Textiles and Art if asked to do so. 

Should your daughter wish to wear a headscarf during outside sports activities, please contact the Subject Leader in PE. 

Alternative head coverings: 

Girls wishing to wear an alternative head covering for religious reasons, e.g. a Sikh turban, must see the Headteacher to ensure that it meets uniform requirements. 

P.E. KIT: 

All girls must have a full P.E. kit as listed below and must be labelled (including trainers) with the student’s full name so that it can be easily identified in case of loss. 

A black polo shirt, plain or with the school badge
Black tracksuit bottoms, plain or with the school badge and/or black shorts, plain or with the school badge
Black ¼ zip fleece, plain or with the school badge
Sports socks (not football socks), black or white 

Polo shirts, shorts, tracksuit bottoms and fleeces with school badge can be purchased directly from the Finance Office, and prices are as follows: 

Polo shirt with badge Junior £12 Senior £13
Tracksuit bottoms with badge Junior £15 Senior £16
Fleece with badge Junior £15 Senior £16
Junior pack inc. polo shirt, tracksuit bottoms and fleece, all with badge £35
Senior pack inc. polo shirt, tracksuit bottoms and fleece, all with badge £38
Plain items are available from most sports outlets.

School Uniform Shops

Clip-on ties can be purchased from the school. Jumpers, cardigans and blazers may be purchased from:

Zenith School Uniform Outfitters, 57 Waller Avenue, Luton, LU4 9RP
Tel: 01582 560123

Bushra Fashions, 200 Dunstable Road, Luton, LU4 1DD
Tel: 01582 413360

Js Sports and Schoolwear, 22 Neville, Luton, LU3 2JQ
Tel: 01582 494401


The following may be worn: 

One pair of stud earrings
One plain ring
One wristwatch
One necklace of religious significance (worn out of sight)

Nose piercings or body piercings of any type and not permitted and students will be asked to remove such piercings for school.