OCR Nationals in Creative iMedia

The Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia will equip learners with a range of creative media skills and provide opportunities to develop, in context, desirable, transferable skills such as research, planning, and review, working with others and communicating creative concepts effectively. This qualifications will encourage independence, creativity and awareness of the digital media sector.

The range of units available in this course has allowed the school to select those which provide students with a range of different learning opportunities and allow them to develop a diverse set of skills. Students will be challenged to work independently to create solutions for a range of scenarios.

The course is assessed through four separate units of work, which includes one examination and three units of coursework. Each of the four units of work will account for 25% of the overall final grade. The course is studied at level 2 and is equivalent to one GCSE.

In Year 10 students will complete the first two units of work. They will start the year with unit R081. This unit is externally assessed through an examination in June of Year 10. This unit will enable learners to understand pre-production skills used in the creative and digital media sector. It will develop their understanding of the client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques that form part of the planning and creation process. Planning is an essential part of working in the creative and digital media sector.

Students will work on R082 at the same time, the aim of this unit is for learners to understand the basics of digital graphics editing for the creative and digital media sector. They will learn where and why digital graphics are used and what techniques are involved in their creation. This unit will develop learners’ understanding of the client brief, time frames, deadlines and preparation techniques as part of the planning and creation process. On completion of this unit, learners will understand the purpose and properties of digital graphics, and know where and how they are used. They will be able to plan the creation of digital graphics, create new digital graphics using a range of editing techniques and review a completed graphic against a specific brief.

Students are given several assessment opportunities throughout the year to prepare them for the exam in June in year 10. The remaining 3 units shown in the table below are assessed through the completion of a coursework task. The task is internally marked, and externally moderated.

iMedia Qualification Units

Unit R081 Pre-Production Skills - 1 hour 15-minute written paper
Unit R082 Creating Digital Graphics - 10 hour Controlled Assessment
Unit R085 Creating a Multipage Website - 10 hour Controlled Assessment
Unit R087 Creating Interactive Digital Products - 10 hour Controlled Assessment

This course will provide you with opportunities to link education and the world of work in engaging and practical ways. It will also enable you to gain the practical skills, knowledge and understanding to design, make and review:

  • Digital Graphics

  • Digital Presentation

  • Multipage Websites


Career Opportunities

Studying Computing or ICT could lead to a career within the ICT industry such as computer animation, computer graphics, computer design, apps designer, multimedia design and production, website development, computer gaming, programming, 3D modelling, computer analyst, ICT consultant, help desk operator, technician, network manager, teaching plus many more!