Textiles Design

Key Stage 4

Qualification: GCSE Textiles Design

Examination Board: AQA

Students are required to work in one or more area(s) of Textile Design, such as those listed below. They may explore overlapping areas and combinations of areas:

· Fashion and/or costume

· Printed and/or dyed materials

· Domestic textiles

· Constructed and/or applied textiles

· Constructed and/or stitched and/or embellished textiles

Controlled assessment – This is set and marked by the School and moderated by AQA. Student portfolio is selected from the work undertaken during the two years of study and this must include more than one project. (80 marks – worth 60% of GCSE)

Question papers – issued in the month of January during Year 11. This will require 10 hours of sustained focused study. However, students have unlimited preparation time. This is marked by the School and moderated by AQA. (80 marks – worth 40% of GCSE)