Student Illness or injury

If a student is unwell or injured at school they should go to the Medical Room, where the Senior First Aid Assistant will provide First Aid and advice. Wherever possible the student is encouraged to go back into lessons after a short time in the Medical Room. 

If a student is not well enough to stay in school, the Senior First Aid Assistant will arrange for her to go home by making direct contact with her parent/carer. 

Please note that students should not telephone their parents themselves. Please note that if a student is unwell with a high temperature, vomiting or diarrhoea she should wait for 48hrs after symptoms have disappeared before returning to school.

School Nurse Drop in Sessions

The school nursing service provides all schools with the opportunity for their students to visit the school nurse on a private drop in basis. The School provides the nursing service with a space and will allow the students to attend an appointment if they so wish.

This is an excellent opportunity for the girls and parents (through their daughters) to ask a medical professional questions in regards to general health care.

The drop in will occur on 3 occasions over a term and should not substitute routine medical appointments at your surgery or gaining medical attention in an emergency.

Administration of Medicines in school

If a student suffers from a chronic long-term illness/complaint such as asthma, serious allergy, diabetes or epilepsy, or is recovering from a short term illness and requires antibiotics, it may be necessary for prescribed medicines to be administered in school. 

In all instances when prescribed medicines need to be administered at school, parents must complete an Administration of Medicines Form. 

Medicines must be in the original packaging with the dispensing label and instruction leaflet.

Administration of medicines request form


Paracetamol is not available from the medical room. However, if a student occasionally requires pain relief to enable her to stay in school, parents may provide the school with the relevant medicine and parental consent form. Paracetamol will not be administered:

  • before 12.30pm
  • following a head injury
  • when a student is already taking other medication

Parental consent is required.
Parental agreement for administration of paracetamol form