Advice and Guidance for Halloween

As Halloween approaches Bedfordshire Police have issued the following advice and guidance to parents and carers to keep their children safe.

If possible, parents and carers should accompany their children if they go out trick or treating, sticking to well-lit areas and only knocking on the doors of people that they know. Some people may have “No Trick or Treat” posters displayed and we ask that these are respected.

Bedfordshire Police is also reminding children and parents to be mindful that some of the more vulnerable or elderly members of the community may feel intimidated by people calling at their doors and appeals to all residents to look out for their neighbours who may feel frightened during this time.

Extra patrols will be on hand over the Halloween and Bonfire Night period to ensure that the evenings can be enjoyed safely. If you have any concerns during Halloween it is important that you call 101 in order to keep 999 free for genuine emergencies - 31st October is one of the police’s busiest nights of the year!